Lead Acid Batteries (sealed)

Lead Acid Batteries (sealed)


  • For Mobility Scooter, Stairlifts, Bathlifts, Hoist etc
  • Lead Acid are a great standard battery.
  • Low cost Battery.
  • We would recommend Gel Batteries for high usage and battery life.
  • We only sell MK batteries as we can trust the quality of the batteries.
  • Deep cycle lead acid (suitable for all mobility applications)
  • Please see size table.
  • If you cant find the Size or Voltage of Battery Please contact us on 01254 884488.Fittng available of £20



Standard Batteries For lighter duty mobility use.

Although Lead acid batteries will not match the cycle-life performance of our Gel batteries, they do offer a lower initial cost and will supply sufficient functionality to meet the less critical needs of certain lighter duty mobility applications.

For heavy daily use and traditional rehab applications, continued utilization of our heavy duty Gel batteries is highly recommended.

  • Completely absorbs electrolyte for spillproof design.
  • Sealed Absorbed Glass Mat technology.  Valve-regulated for efficient recombination Ultra premium sealing valve prevents capacity loss and controls pressure.
  • Fortified posts, straps and welds that resist vibration damage and maximize current transfer.
  • High density oxide provides maximum power-per-point “high cycling” service.
  • Less than 2% per month self-discharge means little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Travel & ship easily. FAA, IATA, DOT and UPS approved.  Others may not be.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Quality construction ensures consistent and reliable performance for long-term dependability.
  • Specialized valve design manufactured and tested in-house to 100% reliability.
  • Forged terminals and bushings assure no leakage.
  • UL recognized component.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Voltage / Amp

6 Volt 12 Amp, 12 Volt 1.2 Amp, 12 Volt 2.3 Amp, 12 Volt 2.9 Amp, 12 Volt 3 Amp, 12 Volt 5 Amp, 12 Volt 7.2 Amp, 12 Volt 7.2 Amp, 12 Volt 10 Amp, 12 Volt 12 Amp, 12 Volt 14 Amp, 12 Volt 18 Amp, 12 Volt 20 Amp, 12 Volt 22 Amp, 12 Volt 26 Amp, 12 Volt 35 Amp, 12 Volt 45 Amp, 12 Volt 50 Amp, 12 Volt 55 Amp, 12 Volt 75 Amp, 12 Volt 55 Amp (247 Length), 12 Volt 79 Amp, 12 Volt 100 Amp