Alerta Gel-Visco Cushion

Alerta Gel-Visco Cushion


> Cushion dimensions: 43 x 43 x 6 cm (17 x 17 x 2 inches)
> Max load capacity: 120kg
> Multi-stretch and vapour permeable PU cover
> Water resistant and machine washable cover
> Antimicrobial cover with white underside
> Fire resistant classified M1



ALT-202 – Alerta Gel-Visco Cushion – a gel-visco cushion built with a contoured moulded viscoelastic foam base,
connected to a polyurethane SensaGel insert with two densities, to provide effective comfort, care and pressure
redistribution for users in hospital, nursing and care home environments. The viscoelastic SensaGel provides maximum
relief to bony areas and the shape ensures a good posture while seated and prevents users from sliding forward.
The PU cover is fire resistant classified M1, waterproof and vapour permeable. It can be laundered at 90°C. The cushion
can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For full cleaning instructions please see user manual.


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