Unisex Urinal

Unisex Urinal

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With an easy-fit female adaptor, this hygienic, unisex urinal is ideal for travelling or use at home.

  • Hygienic unisex urinal
  • Snap fit cap to prevent spillage
  • Easy fit female adaptor
  • Large integrated carry handle


Product Features

Manufactured from sturdy plastic, the container is securely sealed with a snap fit plastic cap, which helps to reduce odours, leaks and prevents spillage. A large carry handle ensures ease of use and graduated markings enable liquid volume to be measured.

  • Unisex with easy fit female adaptor
  • Plastic container is securely closed by a snap-on plastic cap to reduce odours and prevent spillage
  • Large carry handle for easy use
  • Graduated markings for measuring liquid
  • 1 litre capacity

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